Palestinian prisoners: Solidarity with Hana al-Shalabi

HanaShalabi.palestine.jpgGazans hold a sit-in to show solidarity with Hana al-Shalabi

Shalabi went on hunger strike in mid-February to protest her “administrative detention” by Israeli forces. She is now in the Hasharon prison, one of Israel’s largest and most overcrowded detention centers. Hasharon is infamous for its poor medical care and low hygiene standards. 

“We came to express our solidarity with Hana, but we also want to shed light on the sufferings of nearly 5,000 Palestinian prisoners who continue to languish in Israeli prisons under horrible conditions. There are dozens of prisoners in solitary confinement for many years in addition to those who are held under administrative detention,” Hamas Deputy Minister for Prisoners Mohammad al-Kattari said. 

The protesters accused Israel of violating the basic principles of human rights and international law. Under the Israeli military order 1651, army commanders can hold Palestinians for up to six months without charge or trial and can indefinitely renew the administrative detention orders.

“Administrative detention is clearly a crime. I mean it is illegal. These people are charged with no crime. They are not allowed to see the evidence against them... There can be no justice, there can be no democracy under the occupation,” member of the International Solidarity Movement Nathan Stuckey said. 

According to prisoner advocacy groups, Hana, like many Palestinian prisoners, was subjected to harassment and was threatened with torture to end her hunger strike. 

The protesters say they will continue their solidarity activities until Hana and all Palestinian prisoners are released from Israeli prisoners. 

Currently there are at least 4500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, many of whom have not been charged or afforded the right to face trial. 



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