Facebook and the 'Arab spring': big business !



Sarkozy and Marc Zuckerberg (Facebook) during the NATO-bombings of Libya











Photograph: NATO bombing of Nasser Campus B, Al Fateh University, Tripoli.

Casket-Sharp NATO “Mistakes”

Nasser bombed

According to Libyans, the primarily U.S.-controlled North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) killed 19 civilians on June 20th, among the casualties were the two grandchildren of Khweildy al-Hamidy – a six-year-old and a boy who was either three or four – as well their mother who was pregnant.  NATO later admitted that one of its missiles struck a residential area in Tripoli, that “a weapons systems failure” may have led to civilian casualties that morning during an attack on a building west of the Libyan capital.

‘Democracy’, as perpetuated by NATO and a plethora of other western ‘liberation forces’, is always casket-sharp. 

Almost 30 days ago NATO was seen once again apologizing for an airstrike that killed 14 civilians in Afghanistan, including at least 10 children and two women.

As provided by Martin Iqbal, blogger at Empire Strikes Black:

Recently Tripoli’s Nasser University was bombed. University staff were injured and killed. Mohammed Al-Alam, a student at Nasser University provided The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) with exclusive photographs of the NATO strike on Nasser University.

The following is only but a single disturbing example of the face of NATO’s ‘humanitarian’ military strikes on Libya, a plethora of others may be found on CRG’s webpage.

As Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya writes:

The unspoken objective [in bombing Libya] is to destroy Libya’s economy and to prevent it from developing as a nation-state. This is why schools and universities, hospitals, shipyards, factories, not to mention residential areas, have been the target of NATO bombings.


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