Peaceful demonstrations: Bassem Tamimi Released from Prison


Tamimi was released despite the Military Posecution's appeal. His release conditions still inclund harsh restrictions on his movement...

After 13 months in an Israeli prison, the military court accepted a petition to release leading Palestinian activist, Bassem Tamimi from The village of Nabi Saleh. Earlier today the court rejected the prosecution's appeal against his release, but imposed restricting conditions on his release, including confining his movement to the city of Ramallah and imposing a house arrest every Thursday to Saturday, until the court issues the verdict.

Thirteen months after his arrest during a raid on his house, a military judge ordered Bassem Tamimi's release on bail from an Israeli prison. The decision was given after Tamimi's elderly mother has fallen gravely ill. Bassem Tamimi, a Palestinian activist from the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, has been in jail since March 24th last year, indicted on protest-organizing charges.

Tamimi has been recognized by the European Union as a human rights defender and recently pronounced a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International. 

During the course of Tamimi's trial, new evidence has emerged, including first hand verification given by a military commander of disproportional use of force by the army in response to peaceful demonstrations, as well as police admittal of systematic violations of Palestinian minors' rights during police interrogations, when a police interrogator who questioned both material witnesses against Tamimi, said on the stand that in his 25 years as an officer, he cannot recall a single time in which a Palestinian minor was allowed the presence of his parents during questioning.


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