Syria News: People of Occupied Syrian Golan


People of Occupied Syrian Golan, Committee for Supporting Captives Organize Sit-Ins to Support Syrian and Palestinian Detainees in Israeli Prisons

April 21, 2012 - QUNEITRA, (SANA) – The people of the occupied Syrian Golan's villages and families of detainees organized a sit-in on Sunday at Sultan Basha al-Atrash Square in the town of Majdal Shams in support of detainees and captives held in Israeli prisons.

During the sit-in, a liberated Syrian captive recited a statement on occasion of the Syrian Caprive Day, saying that the people of the Golan will continue their struggle and steadfastness and denouncing the inhumane practices of Israel against the captives of Golan and Palestine who face a slow and methodical death at the hands of Israeli prison administrators.

The statement said that the continuing detainment of Syrian captives is a disgrace to humanity and a blatant violation of international accords and norms and the Geneva Convention.

The people of Golan and the families of captives pledged to remain committed to their land and Arab dignity and to keep rejecting all forms of occupation.

In statements to SANA, relatives of captives called upon the world to act and put an end to the Israeli prison administrations' oppressive practices, denouncing the international silence regarding these practices and voicing confidence that all captives and detainees will be set free.

In turn, liberated captives Asem al-Weli and Bishr al-Maqt said that the captives never have and never will succumb to the practices of occupation, calling upon the world to pressure the Israeli occupation to release captive Sedki al-Maqt and his colleagues.

On a relevant note, the Committee for Supporting Syrian Liberated Captives and Detainees in Occupation Prisons, along with the committees for defending Palestinian captives and detainees, organized a sit-in in front of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) offices in Damascus in support of Arab captives in Israeli prisons.

The Committee directed a letter to the President of the ICRC detailing the conditions of Arab captives in Israeli prisons and the inhumane practices against them, calling on the ICRC to pressure Israel to cease these practices and release the captives who have been detained for decades, particularly Sedki al-Maqt who has been imprisoned for 27 years.

The committees for defending Palestinian captives also directed a letter to the ICRC calling on the world to take serious action and release more than 5,000 Palestinian men, women and children detained in Israeli prisons who are being liquidated by the occupation.

H. Sabbagh

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