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A few years ago the Court of justice of Turnhout (Belgium) that covered the Zandvoort child pornography case decided that Morkhoven-activist Marcel Vervloesem and his alleged victims who were regular vistors of the gay bar Berkenmus in Morkhoven, had to submit a polygraph.

Only Marcel Vervloesem and one of the alleged victims were invited.

The polygraph test told that Marcel Vervloesem was telling the truth.

The so called victim began to cry and refused the test.

Afterwards nobody was no longer required to go to the polygraph.

The Court of justice of Turnhout concealed these facts.

It was just a way to continue the political trial against Marcel Vervloesem and to cover up the Zandvoort case.

Specialists say that screenings with a computer has no scientific basis and is abused to intimidate and accuse people.


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Bloody Sunday – March for Justice

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Amnesty International maakt gebruik van spionagesatellieten

Amnesty International kwam, zoals gewoonlijk, enkele dagen geleden met mensenrechtenschendingen in Noord-Korea af, 

Mensenrechten worden immers alleen maar in Noord-Korea, China, Rusland, Cuba of Iran geschonden.  
Amnesty zei zich te baseren op 'beelden afkomstig van satellietopnames'.
Amnesty maakt dus gebruik van Amerikaanse spionagesatellieten.