US spy operations: social media

General David Petraeus


Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

March 17, 2011

Military's 'sock puppet' software creates fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda

The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.

A Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (Centcom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an "online persona management service" that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world.

The project has been likened by web experts to China's attempts to control and restrict free speech on the internet. Critics are likely to complain that it will allow the US military to create a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with its own objectives.

The discovery that the US military is developing false online personalities – known to users of social media as "sock puppets" – could also encourage other governments, private companies and non-government organisations to do the same.

Photos: David Petraeus, Obama reception

Read more at: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2011/mar/17/us-spy-operation-social-networks


Enduring Freedom...

A few years ago the Court of justice of Turnhout (Belgium) that covered the Zandvoort child pornography case decided that Morkhoven-activist Marcel Vervloesem and his alleged victims who were regular vistors of the gay bar Berkenmus in Morkhoven, had to submit a polygraph.

Only Marcel Vervloesem and one of the alleged victims were invited.

The polygraph test told that Marcel Vervloesem was telling the truth.

The so called victim began to cry and refused the test.

Afterwards nobody was no longer required to go to the polygraph.

The Court of justice of Turnhout concealed these facts.

It was just a way to continue the political trial against Marcel Vervloesem and to cover up the Zandvoort case.

Specialists say that screenings with a computer has no scientific basis and is abused to intimidate and accuse people.


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Facebook and the 'Arab spring': big business !



Sarkozy and Marc Zuckerberg (Facebook) during the NATO-bombings of Libya











Photograph: NATO bombing of Nasser Campus B, Al Fateh University, Tripoli.

Casket-Sharp NATO “Mistakes”

Nasser bombed

According to Libyans, the primarily U.S.-controlled North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) killed 19 civilians on June 20th, among the casualties were the two grandchildren of Khweildy al-Hamidy – a six-year-old and a boy who was either three or four – as well their mother who was pregnant.  NATO later admitted that one of its missiles struck a residential area in Tripoli, that “a weapons systems failure” may have led to civilian casualties that morning during an attack on a building west of the Libyan capital.

‘Democracy’, as perpetuated by NATO and a plethora of other western ‘liberation forces’, is always casket-sharp. 

Almost 30 days ago NATO was seen once again apologizing for an airstrike that killed 14 civilians in Afghanistan, including at least 10 children and two women.

As provided by Martin Iqbal, blogger at Empire Strikes Black:

Recently Tripoli’s Nasser University was bombed. University staff were injured and killed. Mohammed Al-Alam, a student at Nasser University provided The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) with exclusive photographs of the NATO strike on Nasser University.

The following is only but a single disturbing example of the face of NATO’s ‘humanitarian’ military strikes on Libya, a plethora of others may be found on CRG’s webpage.

As Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya writes:

The unspoken objective [in bombing Libya] is to destroy Libya’s economy and to prevent it from developing as a nation-state. This is why schools and universities, hospitals, shipyards, factories, not to mention residential areas, have been the target of NATO bombings.


Human Rights Watch: Only 72 victims of 'potentially unlawful air strikes'


destroyedLibya.jpgMOSCOW, May 18 (RIA Novosti)

Russia hopes that the International Criminal Court will consider all cases of NATO airstrikes in Libya that caused civilian casualties, Foreign Ministry human rights spokesman Konstantin Dolgov said in the statement published on the ministry’s website.

“We welcome the decision of ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo to consider alleged violations of international humanitarian law," the statement said. "We presume that the ICC will consider all cases of NATO bombing that caused civilian casualties.”

“The issue of civilian casualties during the NATO Libyan campaign has been repeatedly raised at the UN Security Council and the UN Council on Human Rights.”

“An impartial international investigation into the effects of NATO air strikes during Operation United Defender in Libya is necessary to prevent such tragedies in the future,” the statement said.

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Human Rights Watch: Only 72 victims of 'potentially unlawful air strikes'...

Posted by David Cenciotti in 'Libyan Uprising'

'Libya: NATO must acknowledge and compesate 72 civilian victims of potentially unlawful air strikes, Human Rights Watch says'

May 14, 2012

Last year’s Libya Air War saw the coalition of NATO and non-NATO members, operating within Operation Unified Protector, dropping some 3,644 LGBs, 2,844 GPS-guided, 1,150 precision-guided direct-fire weapons, to enforce the UN Security Council resolutions 1970 and 1973 and get rid of Gaddafi.

However, in spite of the exclusive use of PGMs (Precision Guided Munitions) and a 30-minute process to perform identification and accurate Collateral Damage Estimate before any weapons could be dropped against a target (even a time-sensitive one) in order to prevent civilians from being either injured or killed by the strike, NATO was unable to achieve the standard of “zero expectation” of death or injury to civilians.

Unfortunately, when you are at war, you can use the most advanced weapon system ever produced and take all the precautions to reduce collateral damage, but you will never be able to completely remove civilian harm when you drop bombs in urban scenarios.

As already highlighted by the UN report issued in March 2012, NATO has failed to acknowledge several civilian casualties from air strikes during the 2011 air campaign and has not investigated possible unlawful attacks. That’s the conclusion of “Unacknowledged Deaths: Civilian Casualties in NATO’s Air Campaign in Libya” a Human Rights Watch 76-page report released on May 14.

Eight airstrikes that resulted in 72 deaths were investigated on the field during and after the conflict by the HRW that did not find evidence of clear military target at seven of the eight visited sites.

The most serious incident occurred in the village of Majer, 160 kilometers east of Tripoli, the capital, on Aug. 8, 2011, when NATO bombs fell on two family compounds killing 34 civilians and wounding more than 30.

A second strike outside one of the compounds killed and wounded civilians who witnesses said were searching for victims. HRW believes that the infrared system used to guide the bomb (most probably an LGB) should have indicated to the pilot the presence of many people on the ground. If the pilot was unable to determine that those people were combatants, then the strike should have been canceled or diverted.

As reported by the UN report, HRW found that NATO officials were unwilling to investigate some incidents: “They were forthcoming about all the general measures they took to protect civilians, such as the exclusive use of PGM and the rigorous target review process, but they refused to give any details about some specific targets in which civilians died. The standard answer was that all targets were military objects, and they usually called them “command and control nodes” or “staging areas.” But they never gave detailed evidence to support those claims” said Fred Abrahams, special adviser at Human Rights Watch and principal author of the report.

“That evidence matters. We looked at 8 sites and, at seven of them we found no or only possible evidence of Libyan military activity. This is consistent with the UN commission of inquiry. At the eighth site, the target may have been a Libyan Brig General. But that attack also killed three women and four children from the family. The strange part of all this is that NATO is undermining its own successes in reducing civilian casualties. The overall numbers are quite low, but they are refusing to examine the mistakes that took place” Abrahams said.

Obviously, the problem is not linked to a possible violation of the laws of war (under which parties to a conflict may only direct attacks at military targets and minimize harm to civilians) or to lessons that could be learned to minimize casualties in future wars; most probably the real issue is that governments could be compelled to compensate victims of unlawful attacks (admitting a direct involvement they might not want to publicize….) as done in Afghanistan, where a program provide payments to civilian victims of NATO attacks without regard to wrongdoing.


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Syria: Nato planning direct military intervention

Zuckerberg+meets+SarkozyElysee8.jpgThe head of Russia's security council said he had seen intelligence indicating plans for a military incursion were well advanced. "We are getting information that Nato members and some Persian Gulf States, operating according to the Libya scenario, intend to move from indirect intervention in Syrian affairs to direct military intervention," Nikolai Patrushev, the head of the Kremlin security body said in an interview published in Russia's Kommersant newspaper on Thursday. "This time it is true that the main strikes forces will not be provided by France, the UK or Italy, but possibly by neighbouring Turkey which was until recently on good terms with Syria and is a rival of Iran with immense ambitions." America and Turkey were even now possibly already refining options for a no-fly zone that would allow armed Syrian opposition fighters to mass in the designated areas, he added.

Problems with Facebook

Facebook blocked our Facebook Page after publications about NATO.  Our Server and blog were also blocked for a while.  Strange in this case is that a certain Debbie-Anne (unknown to us) bombarded us with many Facebook people we did not know. She introduced them as ‘friends’. One of these people we accepted as ”friend”, seemed to be a Libyan NATO collaborator. We published a number of issues on the NATO on his Facebook page…
Some weeks ago, Facebook blocked us and deleted a photo montage of Barack Obama that we found some months ago when the media announced Osama bin Laden (in the press erroneously called Obama bin Laden) was murdered.  Facebook deleted also our commentary: ‘Obama was a terrorist – Three days after NATO intervened in Libya, the cost to U.S. taxpayers has reached hundreds of millions of dollars and continued to climb.
14% of the Americans live in poverty. America needs a regime change‘.


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Our Facebook, Server and blog were blocked after the next articles and comments:

1) During NATO air raids on Serbia, U.S. warplanes bombed even China’s embassy in Belgrade, killing three journalists in the building. U.S.President Bill Clinton and other U.S. officials apologized for what NATO described as a ‘tragic error’.

2) We tried to copy the photo for publication on a blog.
Impossible… And the original photo (Chinese victims of the
NATO-bombing) was blocked.

3) Here is the photo that was blocked:

4) Military defense against NATO-aggression: China shows the way…
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2011533/China-bui… China building an army of unmanned military drones ‘to rival the U.S.’  Experts say China is on the fast track to develop unmanned aerialvehicles (UAVs) that rival U.S. technology.US. provokes a global war…

5) U.S. Stations 15,000 Troops In Kuwait http://rt.com/usa/news/us-troops-kuwait-iran-741/ US stations 15,000 troops in Kuwait — RT - The United States is not at war with Iran yet, but just in case, the Pentagon says they want to be prepared. To do so, the Department of Defense has dispatched 15,000 troops to the neighboring nation of Kuwait.

6) The US. provokes a global war… https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=200710716678288&a…

7) Military defense against NATO-aggression: China shows the way…  China building an army of unmanned military drones ‘to rival the U.S.’  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2011533/China-bui…

8) NATO-aggression: Let us fight back ! The Taliban have attacked the largest American military base in Afghanistan on the first day of the New Year despite US efforts to negotiate with the militant group, Press TV reports. https://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/presstv-largest…

9) China has opposed the US-led unilateral sanctions on Iran, saying that Washington cannot place its own law above that of international law, and impose sanctions on other nations. US, EU play dirty tricks against Iran. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/219291.html

10) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=224409484308411&a… NATO aggression: Let us fight back on an international level and with sophisticated weapons !

11)  Our defense against NATO attacks: international cooperation and sophisticated weapons. Russia shows the way: MOSCOW, December 3, 2011: Russia has delivered the Bastion anti-ship missile system equipped with Yakhont supersonic missiles to Syria, said Senator Vyacheslav Popov, former Northern Fleet Commander. A United Nations commission of inquiry on Monday called for an arms embargo on Syria, but… Russia rejected the demand. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described such calls “dishonest” as they implied an arms cutoff to the Syrian government but not to its opponents. “We know how that worked in Libya when the arms embargo only applied to the Libyan army, whereas the opposition received weapons, and countries like France and Qatar were not embarrassed to admit this publicly,” he said, adding that was time to “stop using ultimatums” to pressure Damascus and seek a political settlement to the conflict. Next week Russia is dispatching a flotilla of three warships to Syria. http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/article2681753…

12) FACEBOOK CONTACT BROKEN: https://www.facebook.com/login.php?login_attempt=1  Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.  Facebook Login - Friend Request Notice: We received feedback that you sent friend requests to people you don’t know, which isn’t allowed on Facebook. Please only send friend requests to people you know, like classmates, family, friends and colleagues. Otherwise, you could be blocked from sending friend requests.   Friend Request Notice: Please check the box so we know you understand Facebook’s friend request policy.  We received feedback that you sent friend requests to people you don’t know, which isn’t allowed on Facebook. Please only send friend requests to people you know, like classmates, family, friends and colleagues. Otherwise, you could be blocked from sending friend requests. I understand the friend request rules above. Sign please.

13) We didn’t sign. And we will not sign. These are false accusations and we can not defend ourselves. Strange in this case is that a certain Debbie-Anne (unknown to us) bombarded us with many people we did not know. She introduced them as 'friends'. One of these people we accepted as "friend", seemed to be a Libyan NATO collaborator. We published a number of issues on the NATO on his Facebook page...

14) SERVER PROBLEM: ’There is a problem with your server.  You are not longer connected.’

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More information on the Facebook groups ‘Chinese Communist Party’ and ‘Support for Muammar al Gaddafi from the people of Serbia’





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